Super Halloween Fun for Children

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Super Halloween Fun for Children

Looking for some super Halloween fun for the children? Halloween doesn’t have to be scary, so let the kids have some laughs and giggles on All Hallows’ Eve. Find some fun ideas here for parties, or ideas just to get into the ‘spirit’ (geddit?!).

Pumpkin Carving

We’ll start with the obvious! Let your children draw the picture or pattern they want on the pumpkin and then get to work. Although you will have to do the main work of cutting and scooping, you can get safe versions of knives and scoops so that little hands can help you.

Creep Crawly Sessions

Would a creepy crawly session be super halloween fun for children?Does your local zoo do creepy crawly holding sessions? Great fun for the kids getting to hold spiders and bugs of all varieties. There is also a trend these days of creepy crawly parties, where a company will come to your home and have a holding session of all sorts of bugs for the party guests.

This is the sort of thing that little man absolutely loves. He’s held giant snails, stick insects, various type of lizards and lots of creepy creatures. He’s braver than me! ­čśë

Apple Bobbing

What could be simpler? Great memories of this game when I was little. Fill a tub with water and put some apples in it. Then simply see if you can get an apple without using your hands.

Halloween Treats

Make some scary chocolate treats to hand out to trick or treaters (or just eat them yourself!) Break up a slab of chocolate into pieces in a glass or metal bowl (or use the kit below), place over a pan of simmering water until the chocolate melts, then pour the melted chocolate into your scary moulds. Leave to set in the fridge and then pop them out and eat. Yum!

Mummy Wrap Game

Divide your party-goers into teams of two and give each a roll of toilet paper. At the sound of the music, one team member must wrap the other from head to toe (leaving the head free and not binding the arms to the body.) Once completely wrapped, the ‘mummy’ must run to cross the finish line before the others. You can adapt this to yourself and your little one(s) by just loosely wrapping them up (again,┬áleave the head free and don’t bind the arms to the body) and then taking silly pictures. Fab to look back on and super Halloween fun!

What’s in the Bowl?

The classic guessing game of What’s in the Bowl will leave everyone squealing. Fill separate bowls with prepared jelly┬áor pudding, peeled grapes, cold spaghetti, and anything else you can think of that feels slimy and yucky. Cover each bowl with a cloth so nobody can peek inside, and get everyone try to guess what it is they’re touching. Give some sweet treats to the person who guesses the most correctly.

Whatever you do this Halloween, stay safe, make sure your kids are supervised if they are going trick or treating, and have an amazing time!

We’d love to see your pictures too, so feel free to tag us on any of our social media pages. ­čÖé

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