Travel photographer stuck at home recreates an Icelandic landmark

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Travel photographer stuck at home recreates an Icelandic landmark

Over the past few months, the global travel sector has experienced severe disruptions due to several COVID-19 travel restrictions: over 110 countries have stopped incoming travellers with travel bands, and most of them have put in place some lock-down restrictions as well.

Even after most of these countries lifted their most severe lock-down measures, the pandemic has created lasting effects and lock-down restrictions on the travel sector which also impacts the travel photographers and content creators who’re used to spend their days abroad.

Creative minds keep creating

With many of these experienced content creators and adventurers stuck at home, missing out on the rush for adrenaline from discovering new places, we knew some creative ideas and projects were bound to happen!

And one of these creative minds is Viggo Lundberg. The adventurer from Stockholm, Sweden (who is known for his nordic landscape, nature and wildlife photography) was feeling nostalgic for his trips to Iceland when suddenly a creative idea popped in his mind: Why not recreating an Icelandic landmark in order to create a unique photograph?

Recreating an Icelandic landmark

The idea was simple: he wanted to recreate a miniature version of Iceland’s iconic turf houses in his backyard with his kids after which he would photoshoot his creation, making it look like they took a trip to Iceland!

Viggo remembered a viral picture which Gunnar Freyr posted on Instagram while back (see below), and decided to use it as a reference for their miniature structure. 

By only using sand and wooden sticks, Viggo and his kids managed to build an astonishingly simple replica which also looked amazingly similar to these Icelandic turf houses.

“We spent the day building a sand house from a photo by @icelandic_explorer. We wanted to go to Iceland, but instead Iceland had to come to us.” – Viggo Lundberg

As you can notice when we put them side-by-side, Viggo’s creation is almost a perfect replica of the shot Gunnar took in Iceland back in 2018! A perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon, don’t you think? 

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