How many questions does your toddler ask on a daily basis?!

How many questions does your toddler ask on a daily basis?

So, how many questions does your toddler ask?! Having seen reports over the last few months claiming that children ask in the region of 100 – 300 questions a day, I’ve been thinking for a while that I’d log a day’s worth of questions, as I was sure it wasn’t that many. I was wrong. We were up to 25 (not including the ‘what’s the…’ song) within the first half hour of being awake!

And yes, before you say it, I have got better things to do, but as we’d decided to have a lazy PJ day, I thought this would be the perfect time to try and log a day’s worth of questions!

Here goes…

  1. Where are we going today?
  2. Where’s daddy gone?
  3. Have you seen the hungry caterpillars?
  4. Do you know the turtle song?
  5. Can I see the clocks?
  6. Is that a picture of me?
  7. Are they rocks?
  8. What about me?
  9. What about Pooh Bear and Nor Nor?
  10. Can you hold me?
  11. What about Pooh Bear and Nor Nor and my underpants?
  12. What about wind the bobbin up?
  13. But can you do this?
  14. How about fast bobbins?
  15. What do butterflies do?
  16. What animals did I not do?
  17. Can you tell me mummy?
  18. What are astronauts?
  19. What do armadillos make?
  20. Started singing a song about “What’s in the… ‘whatever'”. This alone must have amounted to a zillion questions.
  21. Can I watch zoo animals now?
  22. Can you let me?
  23. Please can I?
  24. Please?
  25. Can we watch all the zoo animals?
  26. Please can we? At this point it’s 9am. We’ve only been awake half an hour – yes, the lie in was glorious!
  27. Where’s Nor Nor and Pooh Bear?
  28. How do you turn that on the cooker?
  29. Can I have cereal?
  30. What’s that over there?
  31. What about me?
  32. Can I watch mickey mouse?
  33. Can I watch that instead?
  34. Can I watch that instead?
  35. Can I watch that instead?
  36. Can I watch that instead?
  37. Can I watch mickey mouse?
  38. Can I watch dinosaurs?
  39. Can I watch dinosaurs?
  40. Can I watch dinosaurs?
  41. Please?
  42. Ooo dinosaur train. Can I watch dinosaur train? We’ve slowed down now the tv’s on.
  43. Where am I going today?
  44. Why can’t I go anywhere?
  45. Can I watch another dinosaur?
  46. Is it working now?
  47. Can I have a cuddle?
  48. What can I have to eat?
  49. Can I have a smoothie?
  50. Can I have a cake?
  51. Can I have some crisps? …aaaaand it’s only 10.30am
  52. Can I have a cuddle?
  53. Can I speak to nana?
  54. Why is there a shooting star? Ooo it’s 12.30 and we seem to have dried up. For now!
  55. Can I have my sweet laces?
  56. Can I sit on your knee?
  57. Can I take my animals up?
  58. Can you find my fishing rod?
  59. Why?
  60. Can you find it in five seconds?
  61. Can I have my net?
  62. Can I get the fishing rod after?
  63. Please can I have my big boat?
  64. Guess what?
  65. Why?
  66. Why is there a washing machine on my bed?
  67. How am I going to get to sleep?
  68. Can we go downstairs?
  69. Can I hold your hand?
  70. Two more, ok?
  71. Can I speak to daddy?
  72. Why is daddy at work?
  73. Can I have a cake?
  74. Are these chocolate? It’s 3.30pm and looks like we’ve levelled out at a steady rate.
  75. What’s Grampy rabbit?
  76. Is he from Peppa Pig?
  77. Is it a horsefly?
  78. Is that a caterpillar or a worm?
  79. Can you see the frog on the control?
  80. What can I eat next?
  81. Can you make me like that?
  82. Can you open this?
  83. Can I play football in the hallway?
  84. Can I have another cuddle?
  85. Do eggs come from chickens?
  86. To hens lay eggs?
  87. Can I pop it?
  88. What’s the pink bit?
  89. Where was the chicken?
  90. Was the man at the chicken house?
  91. Does the pizza man make eggs?
  92. What does the egg man do?
  93. Does the egg man at nana’s collect eggs?
  94. Are you taking Buster for a walk?
  95. Where are you going daddy?
  96. Where is your friend’s house?
  97. Who will be there?
  98. Where are you going?
  99. Where’s daddy gone?
  100. Where’s Buster gone?
  101. Can I put that in this bin?
  102. Do you want to put it in the bin?
  103. Bats hang upside down, then what do they do?
  104. Do bats not like people seeing them?
  105. Are these long pants?
  106. Did you let me wear long pants?
  107. Do bats hold onto stuff?
  108. Do they hang by their legs?
  109. Why do the stars come out?
  110. Why is the star asleep?
  111. Why have you not read me my story?
  112. Why is that sat on the floor? Mummy’s head pops. Pleeeeeease go to sleep!!

This doesn’t include the ‘question’ song, or the time he was alone with daddy while I made dinner. Also, allowing for my recording errors, as I probably missed several, as it’s hard work writing every question down as, at times they come thick and fast, I was asked… da, da, daaaaaa… ONE HUNDRED and FLIPPING TWELVE questions! Bear in mind, too, that this was on a very lazy day in the house. Imagine how many it would be if we’d left the house, with more stimulus. It would probably double – Eeeek!

This list does make me laugh though. I love how inquisitive little man is and would really love to know what goes on inside that little brain. It’s fascinating. He’s like a little sponge, soaking up every bit of knowledge that he can.

Oh, to be a toddler for a day! 😉

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