Ten quick tips for round the world flight booking

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Ten quick tips for round the world flight booking

What is a Round The World (RTW) flight?

A round the world flight is a code-share between different airlines which, quite simply, takes you around the world. Mainly based on mileage or sections, there are various options, such as The Great Escapade, Star Alliance and One World Explorer.

How much will it be?

How long is a piece of string? It completely depends where you’re going and the time of year – huge savings can be had by travelling in the low season.

Do your own research first.

Have a rough idea at least of where you want to go and which dates. Your agent isn’t a mind reader. Some RTW flight agents have websites where you can plan rough routes, so have a play first and get some ideas.

Shop around.

Don’t feel like you have to be loyal to any particular company – ring them all up. It’s YOUR trip, and you want the best deal for YOU!

Don’t be pressured.

Agents can hold flights for up to a week or so for you. Taxes might change slightly but the RTW fares generally won’t. If they’re pressuring you, go elsewhere.

Why not grab one of these for your upcoming trip? I always keep a diary of my adventures, and even got little man to do one recently too. Fab to look back on. 🙂

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You’re generally better using a specialist RTW agent.

Generic high street travel agents most often won’t do you the same deals as RTW specialists. We used www.roundtheworldflights.com. They beat everyone on price and did the exact route we wanted, when others had said it wasn’t possible. No fuss, great advice. Simply fab and would use them again every time.

Be flexible.

Be a bit flexible with routes if cost is a factor, but equally don’t sacrifice the places that are important to you. There is ALWAYS a route that will get you where you want to go, but you might have to adapt your plans.

Check the price of flight changes.

If you think you’ll possibly be changing dates while on your trip, please check how much it is to change your flights WITH THE AIRLINE before you book. The (bad) agent might tell you flight changes are free, but they may not be free with the airline itself. Beware!

Ask yourself if cost savings are worth it?

It’s all well and good getting a cheap deal, but does that mean you’ll be landing at 11pm in a city you’ve never been to? If the flight is on time, factor in getting off the plane, collecting bags, and getting to your accommodation, and that’s if you’ve pre-booked. Is it worth paying a touch more to land at a better time?

After booking…

When you’ve booked your flights GET TRAVEL INSURANCE. You’re paying a lot for these flights and for your trip. Get covered should anything bad happen.

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