Simple and fun ideas to get the kids playing outside

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Simple and fun ideas to get the kids playing outside

Simple and fun ideas to get the kids playing outsideInspired by the 30 Days Wild Challenge, which the Wildlife Trusts run, and which we completed throughout June last year, we thought we’d share some really simple and free ideas to get the kids playing outside, as it was one of the most enjoyable things we all did last summer. These ideas can be done in any weather, too. Just dress appropriately!

Scavenger Hunt

Sit down together and have a discussion about what you think you would find at your local park (or garden or beach etc). At your local park you might find leaves of different colours, pine cones, twigs, stones or feathers. Write all your suggestions down, then head out armed with a bucket or container each and see who can find the items the quickest.

Find nature’s colours

Each week choose a ‘nature’ colour, and see if your children can find a flower, leaf, stone etc of that colour each day for a week. We had purple, pink, red and orange weeks throughout June.

Head to the beach

Half-an-hour’s walk on your local beach splashing at the water’s edge or finding sea shells is sure to clear the cobwebs. Don’t feel like you have to buy buckets and spades either, you’re sure to have tubs and utensils at home to use.


Take the paper and crayons outside and get the children to draw items from the garden. Or get the chalk out and let them get creative on outdoor bricks or slabs.

Mud Pies

Most kids love getting mucky, so pop them in some old clothes, get some soil, water, containers and utensils to play with and let them make a happy muddy mess.


Stick their wellies on and let them play in muddy puddles. They love it!

Hunt Bugs

No matter where you live, garden or not, there’ll be a nook and cranny that you’ll be able to find a bug or two. See what little fingers can find – we found a nest of baby spiders on the back of a plastic garden chair.

Head to your local park

Most parks have a playground and some grass to run round on, and we’re pretty much all within walking distance of one. Even a quick half-hour provides a change of scenery and keeps little minds happy.

Cloud watch

Lie down on the grass or beach together and watch the clouds float by – have fun seeing what they look like.


Come on mums, we all used to love skipping when we were in the playground. See if you can remember some of the old rhymes you used to skip to and teach them to your children.

Play Dress-up

Grab your old clothes and let the kids play dress-up and put on a fashion show for you in the garden.


Grab a bucket and some water and let the kids do your washing for you. I used to love washing socks when I was little.

If you have any suggestions of things your kids love to do or remember anything you used to love as a child – they must be outdoors and free – please email: and we’ll include them here for everyone else to enjoy. We’d love to see your pictures too, so feel free to tag us on any of our social media pages. 🙂

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