Our Morning Tour of Blackpool Zoo – A Membership Perk!

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Our Morning Tour of Blackpool Zoo – A Membership Perk!

On a dull Sunday morning, we got up at 7.30am and drove to Blackpool Zoo. We’d managed to grab the last tickets for this membership only event, and with it being the first time this early morning tour of Blackpool Zoo had been run, nobody really knew what it entailed or what to expect.

We arrived for 8.15am, and were greeted with a nice hot cup of tea and some biscuits at the in-zoo Starbucks coffe shop. Our guides for the morning were Connor and Kim and the group size was perfect – just 16 of us.

What did we see on the zoo tour?

Feeding the spider monkeys and capybaras on our morning tour of blackpool zoo.
Feeding the spider monkeys and capybaras.

First up, we were taken round to see the new elephant enclosure, which looks amazing. We couldn’t take any pictures I’m afraid, but it will be open soon, and I think people will be amazed when they see and hear about the thought and work that has gone into it.

After seeing the elephant’s new home, we all got to feed the spider monkeys and capybaras. Little man adored this part of the early morning tour, especially since there was an abundance of carrots and pellets for everyone to throw, so he got plenty of opportunity to feed the animals.

Onwards to the tigers, who were asleep when we arrived… until little man woke one of them up. He thinks he did anyway, and that’s a great memory for a little animal-mad boy to have!

What were little man’s favourite parts?

The last couple of times we’ve visited, we’ve been unable to see the otters – disasterous for little man as he’s an otter trainer don’t you know?! (When we visited Singapore River Safari, the otters were in playful mood and followed him around everywhere, hence him saying he’s a super otter trainer. I’ll put the video here soon!) Thankfully, on this now sunny morning, the otters were out to play – helped by a keeper whistling behind us. Cue an increasingly delighted little ‘otter trainer’.

Hearing the lemurs’ early morning calls in the background, we visited the orangutans and gorillas, and at the same time informed about new baby sealions and penguins. Awww!

The last part of the tour was great fun – playing in the elephant enclosure. Well, little man was in his element. How many kids can say they’ve splashed in Kate the elephant’s muddy puddles?!

Our guides were great. Never leaving anyone behind and moving at a nice pace that we didn’t feel at all rushed. Also answering everyone’s questions, always with a smile.

If the morning tour of Blackpool Zoo does turn into something the zoo does again, and you have Blackpool Zoo membership (which, if you’re thinking about getting one, is worth every penny), it’s definitely worth grabbing yourself and the kids a ticket.

See our ‘Morning Tour of Blackpool Zoo’ gallery below.

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