Keeping Pets Calm During a Loud Fireworks Display

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Keeping Pets Calm During a Loud Fireworks Display

Loud fireworks are great fun for some, but not this pug in a rug!Whilst loud fireworks are great fun for some, for many of our pets they make it a night from hell. Some pets hate bangs, flashes and loud fireworks and may get very frightened on bonfire night or July 4th. We’ve put together some tips towards keeping your pets calm and safe when the bangs begin.

Our Favourite Tips

    • Keep your pets indoors.
    • Closing the curtains can make things calmer.
    • Turning up the television or radio can help to drown the noise.
    • Remember that fireworks can keep going off for days before and after November 5th and July 4th, so plan to stay in with your pets for longer than just the main night.
    • Exercise your dog or other animals during the day. Never walk your dog while loud fireworks are being let off.
    • Let your dog or cat hide if it wants to take refuge under furniture or in a corner.
    • The RSPCA says to make sure your dog/cat is wearing a collar and tag and is microchipped in case it bolts and becomes lost.
    • If you are having a bonfire, please check it BEFORE lighting for any hidden animals.
    • Talk to your vet in advance about pheromone diffusers. These disperse calming chemicals into the room and may be a good option for your dog, in some cases your vet may even prescribe medication. If either of these options is used they should be used in conjunction with behavioural therapy.
    • If your pet lives outside – rabbits etc – part cover their home with blankets so help sound-proof and provide plenty of extra bedding to allow them to burrow.
  • DO NOT punish your pet for being scared or behaving erratically, it will only make them worse.

If you’re looking for any items to potentially help your pets, click here to find pet calming products on Amazon.

My favourite calming product for myself is Rescue Remedy. This is most definitely something I’d try for my dog if he became scared of loud fireworks:

Just another little heads up, too…

Please, please don’t let off any sky lanterns. These can cause fires and can kill wildlife. Here’s a few examples of reports from the RSPCA website:

    • A foal was put to sleep after its legs were so badly injured from bolting through a fence, having been terrified by a lantern.
    • Holly, a nine-month-old goat died after the frame of a lantern punctured her throat.
    • A farmer in Chester told how a cow died when the wire from a sky lantern punctured her oesophagus after ingestion. “In effect she spent a long, painful 48 hours suffocating on her own feed.”
  • A barn owl died having become entangled in a lantern frame.

If you see anything untoward involving fireworks please report it. Remember that Under section 1 of the Protection of Animals Act 1911, it is an offence to cause any unnecessary suffering to any domestic or captive animals. The penalty on conviction is a fine of up to £5,000 or up to six months’ imprisonment, or both. Enforcement of this section of the Act rests with Trading Standards, the Police or the RSPCA as appropriate. For further advice, please visit the RSPCA’s website.

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