Indoor Play Zone – Best Places for Kids to Play?

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Let the kids let off some steam

Weather a bit dreary? Are you looking for some places for kids to play over weekend or during the holidays so that they can let off some steam?  We’ve just the thing – visiting an indoor play zone.

Grab a friend and catch up over coffee while your older children entertain themselves (which doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be supervising them – grrrr, pet peeve!). Or, if you’ve got babies or are looking for toddler play places, take them along to the baby area (most soft play centres have separate soft play rooms / areas for toddlers) and watch their faces light up when they get some quality play time with mummy or daddy. So many colours and shapes to see and sounds to hear!

What are the benefits of soft play?

With play being the primary way in which children learn, love them or loathe them, indoor play zones are more than just a fun places for kids to play. Your local indoor soft play area also offers the ideal environment for your children to practice and improve their communication skills and help them learn new motor skills.

The centres also help encourage physical activity and encourage the children to enjoy exercising. Soft play helps children to interpret, imagine, create, explore and interact with each other, all the while having a fun, exciting time.

What should I expect?

Most indoor play zone areas consist of a multi-level climbing frame, which can include obstacle courses, building blocks, slides, ball pools, crawl tubes, rope brides and climbing nets. All should be covered in soft padding and have safety nets. Most have a separate area for babies and young toddlers, and some have sensory play too. Some even include a mini area for playing football, with balls provided.

For parents, there will be a seating area – some even have comfy couches to relax in – and you will most probably be able to purchase food and refreshments should you wish to. The selection of refreshments varies greatly between centres though, so if you’re heading for lunch, check first!

Many indoor soft play areas also cater for children’s parties – which can be one of the easiest and best place for kids parties. Prices for admission will vary from different times of the day over the different centres available in your area, but parents normally go free.

Final thought…

Don’t feel bad if you can’t bear the though of them, pretty much every parent I know ‘isn’t fond’ of soft play centres, and I do use ‘isn’t fond’ very loosely, but sometimes we have these things to do for the sake of our little ones. Just think of the physical activity (eg tired out for bedtime!) and how it helps children to interpret, imagine, create, explore and interact with each other. Enjoy! 

Can’t bear the thought of visiting an indoor play zone?!

If you reeaaaaally can’t bear the thought of visiting (yep, we’ve all been there!), why not get a pop up ball pool for the teeny ones? See some ball pits and accessories by clicking here, or below.

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