The Holiday is Over – How to Cope, Post Trip, with Post Travel Depression

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The Holiday is Over – How to Cope, Post Trip, with Post Travel Depression

If you’re holiday mad like me, or even just go once a year, when the holiday is over you may have had post trip depression. This can happen no matter how long you’ve been away for, but does tend to be worse the longer you’ve been away. For anyone who has returned from long-term travel, the post trip depression can, at times, be quite debilatating.

I absolutely don’t believe it’s linked to being unhappy at home either – that would mean I’ve never been happy, which just isn’t true. You’ve just had a fabulous break, filled with smiles and fun with daily pressures of life not even factoring, why wouldn’t you miss it?

What can you do to beat post travel depression?

So, you’ve just got home, had a fabulous time full of sun, sea, sand and adventures and you’re now miserable. What can you do to beat post trip depression? Here’s five things we think can help.

1. If jet lag is the issue, follow these tips…

Stay up until your normal bedtime, at your destination. Even if you’ve been in the air for ten hours prior to landing at 10am, and it is 4am in the morning back home, try your hardest to stay up til at least 9pm local time, at your destination, before you go to bed. It will help to trick your body into your usual routine.

Hydrate. Just keep drinking water all the time. If you need the toilet more often mid-flight, that’s fine, it means you’ll be getting up for a leg stretch too!

You could also try these natural tablets for helping with jet lag…

2. Exercise

Get out in the fresh air and get some exercise. Go for a walk for half an hour and clear the cobwebs. Exercise increases endorphins, making you feel better. That doesn’t mean you have to hammer the gym either, a brisk walk will suffice.

3. Have something to look forward to

Plan something fun to do a few weeks after you get back, for something to look forward to. See a friend you’ve not seen for ages, arrange a night out, go and play bingo, do something more exciting like Go Ape (see our time at Grizedale here) or, best of all, book another holiday! 😉

4. Cherish the memories

Put together a photobook or box of photos of your trip to remember it by. Laugh, smile and remember. Happy memories are awesome.

5. Finally, my top tip…

I actually think this is the most important thing you can do to beat the holiday blues… Accept it. Embrace it. It happens.

Don’t beat yourself up. Experiencing this virtually every time I get back from a holiday, I now give myself a week or two after I return to do absolutley nothing. I don’t plan anything, I don’t make any commitments. I just chill. Now, I appreciate this can be hard, when you need to get back to work and ‘normal’ life, but as much as is possible, do nothing and have a little wallow. You are allowed!

Please note: If the feelings last more than two to three weeks or for an extended period of time post trip, it may be worth seeing your GP.

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