Get to the Beach! Seven Best Beaches in and around Blackpool’s Coastline

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Any of the beaches around Blackpool are great for the whole family

If there’s one thing that Blackpool’s coastline and the surrounding area has an abundance of, it’s beaches. I’m sure we all have great memories of the beach when we were children, so heading to one of Blackpool’s beaches to build some amazing sandcastles, running back and forth to the sea to fetch water for the sandcastle’s moat, burying mum and dad, and filling buckets up with sea shells to take home, is sure to be a hit for your little ones too. So, what are you waiting for?! Get to the beach!

We’ve made a list, just for you, of the seven best beaches on and near Blackpool’s coastline to visit. Many of the beaches we mention are Seaside Award winning beaches (see the local award winners here), so you should find them all clean areas to go to have some family fun and make some great memories.

1. Central Beach

Blackpool’s main beach is Central beach. It is located in the middle of Blackpool’s Central Pier and South Pier. It is backed by the recently renovated sea wall and promenade. You’ll find deckchair hire, plenty of shops and cafes and you can even get a ride on a Blackpool donkey!

Info: Sat Nav: FY1 6BL. 

2. South Beach

Backed by the world famous Blackpool Pleasure Beach and encompassing the area south of Blackpool’s South Pier, you will find South beach. Walking along the beautifully renovated promenade from Squires Gate to South Pier, you will come across a variety of sculptures called The Great Promenade Show – a 2km stretch, comprising ten features, which ‘celebrates the uniqueness of Blackpool’.

If you do head down to the beach in this area, please do be aware that it has a very fast moving tide, so take note of your nearest exit steps at all times.

Info: Sat Nav: FY4 1BB. 

3. North Beach

If you head north from Central Beach, you’ll find North beach located in the middle of Blackpool’s North Pier and Central Pier. It is backed by the recently renovated sea wall and Tower Headland and also the great visitor attraction, Blackpool Tower. You will also find the unique Comedy Carpet on this stretch of the promenade. You’ll find deckchair hire, plenty of shops and cafes and you can even get a ride on a Blackpool donkey.

Info: Sat Nav: FY1 4QU.

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4. St Annes Beach

A short drive from South Beach, previously honoured with a Quality Coast Award, St Annes beach is an ideal place for small children and families due to its expanse of golden sands and the slow tidal movement.

Towards the northern end of the beach lie the sand dunes which form natural sea defences. The dunes are a protected area, and grown within are several rare species of grasses and plants.

Heading south, you will come across St Annes Pier – a Victorian-era pleasure pier which was completed in 1885, and the great splash pool which will be open in summer. Walk a little further south and you will come across the fabulous St Annes Beach Huts. Finished in an array of pastel colours, the Beach Huts offer visitors a unique experience which is ideal for all the family.

Info: Sat Nav: FY8 1SJ. 

5. Bispham Beach

Next comes Bispham beach, which is situated a few miles north of Blackpool. If you find the Blackpool Illumination’s Tableaux, you’ll find Bispham beach behind them! It is mainly sandy with some patches of rocks and pebbles. There are upper and lower pathways, which are very pleasant to walk along.  Please be aware that the beach becomes completely submerged at high water up to the sea defence walls.

Info: Sat Nav: FY2 9JJ. 

6. Cleveleys Beach

Slightly further north, Cleveleys beach is a large expanse of sea and sand, backed by stone and shingle. The recently renovated promenade is fabulous and provides easy access to the beach. Opposite The Venue is a beach café, and best of all for little ones, a brilliant little splash park, making it perfect for a family day out.

Info: Sat Nav: FY5 1BZ.

7. Fleetwood Beach

Topping the coast off, Fleetwood beach faces north towards Morecambe Bay. It boasts a newly refurbished seafront which backs onto the vast sands.

Info: Sat Nav: FY7 6RA.

Useful Information

Near the entrance to each of the seven beaches along Blackpool’s coastline, you should find a noticeboard with any information you may need regarding facilities and restrictions.

Most of all, please remember to stay safe near the water and be aware of the tides at all times.

If you want to see the times the tides will be in or out, click here to head to the tide times website.

We also hope you’ll never need them, but just in case, lost children hubs are located near South Pier and Central Pier and the phone number to use is 01253-626141.

Click here to head over to TripAdvisor to see the latest prices for Blackpool tickets and tours to help keep you entertained during your stay…

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