Fifteen Fab Baby Wipe Alternative Uses

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Originally made for nappy changes and to clean up whatever messes your babies create, baby wet wipes have become a marvellous do-everything cleaning product.

For me it started when I spotted some dried yoghurt on the couch (I’d missed it on initial wiping!) and grabbed a baby wipe to clean it off, as it was the nearest thing. Oh, I was amazed at the clean and shine it put on my leather couch. From then on, I use baby wipes for cleaning nearly everything in sight.

Despite them being gentle enough for newborn baby bums, baby wipe’s cleaning ability is amazing, and listed below is a list of alternative things you can use wet wipes for:

  1. We all know baby wipes are gentle enough to clean the face and body of infants, so why not ours too? 
  2. After a long day at the office or a morning gym visit, they can be used to freshen up quickly when a shower is not available.
  3. Ideal for cleaning hands.
  4. Perfect for wiping off kids’ messy feet before putting on socks after a day at the beach.
  5. They work great on cleaning toilet seats and surfaces, as well as bathroom sinks.
  6. Every make-up kit is almost incomplete without a baby wipe as it is very gentle and effective in getting rid of makeup without leaving a blemish.
  7. They always come in handy in wiping off home hair dye stains at the neck area and around the hairline.
  8. Use to blow your nose when you’ve got a cold and your nose is sore around the edges. Baby wipes are more gentle than tissues.
  9. They are ideal for cleaning ideal for any surface – wood, glass, walls, plastic, cotton, ceramics.
  10. Wipe the dog down before getting back in your car/home after a long wet/muddy walk.
  11. Use the wipes to clean off deodorant stains on clothing materials.
  12. Baby wipes work well on whiteboards, as they can effortlessly clean off permanent markers, crayons and pencil stains.
  13. It can also be used as an alternative for toilet tissues when dry, or moist for sore bottoms. They are not to be flushed down toilets though.
  14. They can be used to clean off bird poo off the windscreen easily.
  15. Ideal for cleaning trainers, fingerprints off frames, leather bags, etc.

Any more uses that you can think of, or do you use them for something unusual?
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