Bosinver Farm Cottages are perfect for self catering holidays in Cornwall

Bosinver Farm Cottages are perfect for self catering holidays in Cornwall

From the minute we arrived, to the tearful day we left (yes, I actually cried when we were leaving), we were totally immersed in the magic of Bosinver. What a place. If you want to find out why Bosinver Farm Cottages are perfect for self catering holidays in Cornwall, especially with kids, then read on.

Towards the end of a seven hour drive (it took little man 255 miles to fall asleep, not that I was counting), I looked at a far rolling hill and spotted what I now know was The Farmhouse. We’d nearly arrived! We stumbled into the newly decorated office in a driving-induced daze, from where Helen showed us to our cottage for the week – Valley View.

Bosinver Farm Cottages are perfect for self catering holidays in CornwallWith the homely feeling of the cottage, we couldn’t not settle in immediately. Little touches, like fresh daffodils on the table and the welcome gift of an absolutely gorgeous cream sponge cake (we still salivate at the thought of it) did it for us. For little man, the box of toys in the front room was an instant hit, putting him at ease straight away. This was no mean feat for a little boy who really doesn’t like change too much, and who was also two weeks in to a bad bout of chickenpox. Add in the friendly ponies in the field right outside and the little bath toys which were identical to his own at home, he was happy as Larry (who IS Larry?!).

On our first night, after we’d settled in a little and had our shopping delivered (you can order home delivery shopping from the main supermarkets in the area and have it delivered to your door), we went for a walk around Bosinver and came across the Playbarn. Awesome! It has a full soft play area and so many toys to play with. Little man didn’t know where to start. A comfy couch, magazines, exercise equipment and a knitting bucket kept mummy entertained too. We went to the playbarn at least once a day for the whole week. A couple of times we had the odd tantrum ‘tear’ from little man as he didn’t want to leave.

Daily animal feeding

Bosinver Farm Cottages are perfect for self catering holidays in CornwallOne of the main highlights of our stay was the daily animal feeding. Not sure which of us was more excited about this. We developed a massive soft spot for the little white ducks by the end of the week. Every morning around 10-ish (a nice reasonable time to allow for breakfast and lie-ins) Farmer Dave led us all down to the stables and a cock-a-doodle-doing rooster signalled the start of feeding time. We then walked down into the farmyard and the birds and goats were let loose. Great hilarity ensued as we were all given plenty of food and ample time to really enjoy feeding the animals. The little ones were then allowed to feed the skinny pigs – little man’s name for guinea pigs! Afterwards, they got to collect their very own fresh egg to take back and eat. Yum!

Another regular place for us to visit during our stay was the fabulous indoor heated swimming pool. The pool comes complete with pool noodles, giant bean bags, bumbos in the changing rooms, and was always beautifully clean. If you click here you can see the full story of the Bosinver pool build – a great read.

We also found that a wonderful way for us to spend a morning or afternoon was to head down over the field from Valley View, where there was a zipline, super slide, Gruffalo trail and a lake. There’s also a bear cave there too according to little man. 😉

Wild Kids sessions

Bosinver Farm Cottages are perfect for self catering holidays in CornwallOnce a week there is a Wild Kids session. If you’re visiting when it’s on, please do go, it’s great. As the weather was bad, it was held in a rustic hut in one of the upper fields. Tatum was brilliant with the children, and kept their attention the whole time. Over approximately two hours, the children had to run round collecting various items from the ground and hidden ‘animals’ on a treasure hunt. After they’d made their witches’ brew with their magic sticks, a lovely session of toasting marshmallows followed. I’m pretty sure this is what started little man’s stick obsession – I get so many sticks as ‘presents’.

One of my favourite moments was the weekly pony ride. Oh, little man’s face when he got on Rupert the pony! He’d previously refused point blank to go anywhere near a donkey (we live in Blackpool, there’s plenty) so we were unsure how he’d be with the pony ride. Farmer Dave popped him on Rupert, with no fuss, and off he went. I walked alongside to keep him upright and Farmer Dave’s son led the charge. Over a year on and ‘Rupert the Pony’ is still a regular topic of conversation.

Everything you can think of is catered for. You can borrow buckets and spades for the beach, games, BBQs, even wellies if you’ve forgotten your own. We bought a bag of toys with us for little man and we didn’t open it once. During the week, we did go out and about, but we could also quite easily have stayed at Bosinver and relaxed for the whole week.

Don’t let winter put you off!

Please, please, please don’t be put off going in the autumn or winter months – just pack your wellies and waterproofs! We didn’t realise until we went that Cornwall is even more seasonal than our home town of Blackpool. Most places were shut, and it rained all week long – until the day we left of course. This really didn’t matter to us at all. It meant we saved money – on both our Bosinver dates and also on Cornwall’s paid-for attractions. It worked out a very reasonable £800ish for the full week, which included Bosinver’s self catering accommodation (which includes so many free activities), and also all food for the week, petrol (£70 each way for a start) and Land’s End entrance.

Bosinver’s website states ‘stay, play and discover the magic’. We certainly discovered the magic for ourselves. It simply IS a magical place and I’d urge everyone to visit at least once while your children are still young. We are over a year on now and little man still talks about Farmer Dave and Rupert the Pony. As I put in the review book at the cottage – Bosinver ‘…captured a young boy’s heart.’

If you’d like more information about staying at Bosinver, or wish to book, you can find their website here:

You can also click here to head over to TripAdvisor to see the simply awesome reviews by everyone else too.

See our Bosinver photo gallery below. 🙂

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  • July 13, 2016 at 10:46 pm

    Couldn’t agree more! We went last year for the first time and are heading back there on Friday for the second year in a row – love Bosinver (as do the kids – hubby included)!

    • July 14, 2016 at 7:07 pm

      It’s amazing! Hopefully heading back next year. Enjoy your time there, I’m very envious! 🙂


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